I was born and raised in the Philippine islands and came to the United States at age 14.

It was my one of my grandmothers who taught me the importance of creativity at a very young age. She allowed me to draw on the walls, and stopped anyone who would try to take that pleasure away from me by saying ” Do not stop her.  Her creativity is more important than those walls!”.   As  a child I observed my other grandmother create crafts, sew, cook, and gather herbs.

At age 16, my father arranged for my older sister and I to go to Spain to attend Veterinary School, then Medical School. With much hesitancy, I went and attended classes.  Ironically, it was in Spain where I was gifted a beautiful travel easel, and so yes…. you guessed it, I painted when I was supposed to be studying medical books.  After a few years, I came back to the U. S.  even more determined to create.

I attended a county college in New Jersey, then a another college.  During my Junior year, I transferred to Western Kentucky University, and majored in Painting.   I graduated with Honors.  I moved to Louisville, Kentucky to study Expressive Therapies In University of Louisville and graduated with a Dean’s Citation award in 1980.

Being an art therapist allowed me to combine my love for healing and the creative process ( which I now feel is one and the same). After several years of  administrating a Child Sexual Abuse Center in Indianapolis, I came back to Kentucky to become a full time artist and craftsperson.  

Each media I use opens up a new learning experience.  Painting, carving, stained glass, jewelry, mixed media.  Whatever I can create with.  Art to me means freedom to create with whatever material I choose to use.  I have learned that being creative  has more to do with “how you create” (the process) as opposed to “what you create.”  This spills over to cooking, gardening , computer work… everything…. Creating is celebrating the “Creator”. Life.

So welcome to my world. I hope you have fun while perusing my site.  Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries.
  Please remember to visit the UWEC ( Uganda Women Empowerment through Crafts) pages while you are here.

Blessings to you and your loved ones.


Villionaire, Season 2 ICN2 ( Insight Channel Interview)